San Antonio Area HIV Services Planning Council: The People's Caucus

The People’s Caucus

The People’s Caucus of San Antonio is a peer group whose mission is to unify the HIV+ community by gathering information and input from persons living with HIV/AIDS and using this information to bring change and excellence to San Antonio and South Texas; thus, empowering all HIV/AIDS challenged individuals in our community to live the highest quality of life possible without discrimination in receiving care or services.

Our role is to be the voice of all people living with HIV/AIDS. We want to know if there are things going on in the community that need to be addressed; to include service delivery and quality of the service from any organization.

Because we operate under the strictest of confidence, we require all of our members to sign a confidentiality statement. We do not release information we gain or discuss in our meetings other than issues or grievances that the leadership may be asked to address. The People’s Caucus invites you to get involved and help us with our mission.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a growing commitment to those who are living with HIV/AIDS or are affected by the disease, please contact:

The People’s Caucus

233 N. Pecos, Suite 590

San Antonio, Texas 78207

Phone: (210) 335-7056

Fax: (210) 335-1514

Transportation services are available for individuals interested in attending Planning Council meetings. Please call (210) 335-7056 for more information.