Press Release

DA Announces Internet Safety Initiative
Free Parental Internet Monitoring Software Now Available

Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed announced that her office will distribute complimentary Internet monitoring software to Bexar County parents.

The software, named ComputerCOP, is designed to protect young people from cyber-predators, potential gang activity and cyber-bullying. It is different from other Internet monitoring software programs in that it’s easy to install, easy to navigate and it’s being offered to the public for free.

“Our lives and those of our children are increasingly affected by society’s enthusiasm for digital entertainment and media,” says the DA. “This ComputerCOP program lets parents monitor their children’s online activity. It allows them to see what images their children are clicking on, what videos they’re looking at, even the words being typed into the computer.”

Parents will also get to see what types of websites their children are visiting, because the entire browser history will be accessible at the click of a mouse. An email alert is available to make parents aware if their child is clicking on something questionable.

District Attorney Reed says it’s critical that parents take more of an active role in monitoring their children's computer habits.

“The Internet is a powerful tool for finding and disseminating information, but it also has the potential to be a dangerous place. It is my belief that with the help of this program, we can keep our children safe.”

The free software is now available at all San Antonio Public Library locations, as well as all SAPD substations.