Press Release


The United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction and death sentence of Rolando Ruiz. Ruiz may now make his final appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to avoid his date with death.

In 1992, Theresa Rodriguez was married to Michael Rodriguez. Michael Rodriquez, along with his brother, Mark, hired Ruiz to kill Theresa. The brothers plotted to have Theresa killed at a local restaurant but the plot was foiled by the presence of a security guard. The brothers then arranged for another attempt a few days later on May 14, 1992, when they had Ruiz follow the three of them from a local movie theater to Michael and Theresa’s home. Ruiz approached their vehicle as it pulled into the driveway and as Theresa was exiting her vehicle, Mark gave the final approval for Ruiz to take action. Ruiz walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle and as Theresa was getting out of the car she looked up at Ruiz and smiled. Ruiz then took aim and shot her once in the head. For his efforts, Ruiz was paid $2000, in two installments of $1000 each, one paid before and one after the killing. Ruiz then went home and played basketball and went to bed.

Michael and Mark Rodriquez received Life sentences for their roles and Ruiz received the death sentence.

Michael Rodriquez later escaped from prison as one of the infamous Texas Seven. He was later sentenced to death and executed on August 14, 2008 for his role in the death of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins who was killed during the crime spree that took place after the escape.

For more information contact First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg at 210- 335-2342.