Press Release

Christmas Myth Broken
Three Days - Three Life Sentences Handed Down

Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed is pleased to announce that this holiday season, the long-held belief that Christmas juries are more forgiving has been dispelled.

In three separate cases this week, life sentences were handed out - two by juries who imposed swift and severe sentences to “car killers” on our streets:

  • Frances Ford, age 37, was found guilty of felony murder. After 45 minutes of deliberation, a jury sentenced her to life in prison. On October 14, 2010, at 1:20 a.m. Frances Ford was driving while intoxicated for the third time when she crashed her vehicle head-on into Lawrence Belcher’s (age 38) vehicle and killed him. The crash was caused because Ford was driving the wrong way on US Hwy 281 North, just north of Hildebrand. Ford’s blood-alcohol content was 0.19.
  • David Rodriguez, age 32, was found guilty of felony murder. A jury sentenced him to life in prison after deliberating less than an hour. The case arises from the murder of a one year old child on September 19, 2012, when Rodriguez crashed into a vehicle while evading police and possessing a felony amount of marijuana. The crash killed the one year old and a three year old child and seriously injured the victim’s parents.
  • On Tuesday, Judge Tessa Herr sentenced Terry Jackson to life in prison. The conviction results from an incident in September of 2012, when Jackson ambushed his ex-girlfriend’s date, Rick Cuenca. Jackson stabbed Cuenca sixteen (16) times and proceeded to slash the victim’s tires before fleeing town. In October, a jury found Jackson guilty of murder.