Is Fighting Landfills to be Our Fate for Eternity?
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
Date Unknown

In the classic movie by Charles Dickens entitled The Christmas Carol, Dickens had the central character, Ebenezer Scrooge put through three ghostly apparitions in which he was able to review Christmases of his own past, present and future.  Of the many striking scenes in this impressive work, Charles Dickens reminds us of why he achieved such fame for his works. Charles Dickens showed how powerful he is when it came to "scaring the Dickens out of us".

But he wrote not just to scare the Dickens out of us but to ultimately make better people out of us, to summon the higher nature that is in all of us if we just recognize it.  The particularly memorable scene is I recall is the scene at the cemetery where the ghost showcases to Scrooge his gravestone in the future.  Meanwhile, at Scrooge's death, a number of very charitable relatives and friends were pictured in a scene expressing what a regrettable life Scrooge had lead.  This scene along with the others caused Scrooge to dramatically change his life for the better.

And so it is that I invite you to join me in taking up the community cause for conserving our resources through recycling.  Perhaps more directly, I am hoping that my successor in future years will not have to fight landfills because you have decided to get really serious about recycling.  Right now the City of San Antonio and Leon Valley, which have about the most successful recycling programs in the County and each recycles no more that around 35% of the wastestream.  The research shows that about 85% of the wastestream is recyclable.

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