What Motivates Public Service?
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
Date Unknown

Part of the reason that I never envisioned being County Commissioner is that I believed that the office was part of a "sleepy hollow".  Boy was I wrong!  This place is a raging torrent of activity, in the best possible sense.

Just for example, take this week, a somewhat typical and yet unique experience in this office.  Among a myriad of other things going on, I had the opportunity to meet challenges and observe the recognition of greatness in our own community.

Monday: I knocked doors on Maryland Street near St. Phillips College to acquaint selected neighbors with a special initiative of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association, Bexar County and the Greater San Antonio Education Foundation for homeowners who qualify to have their homes improved on the exterior in a special effort set for October 27, 2001.  This takes place in one day and is an effort to address challenges neighbors have had improving their homes.

Tuesday: I was asked to speak on the radio to Ricki and Trey Weir about a constituent who has a dumpster in Precinct Four that has attracted a number of freeloading dumpers.  He has found little solution, in fact he is being charged with littering by the County!  I was able to confirm with the Sheriff that his deputies will sort through his trash and find the identities of the freeloading dumpers and prosecute them!

That very afternoon, I met with local leaders on the topic of Resource Recovery in an attempt to develop alternatives to the seemingly never-ending habit of taking everything to the landfill, at great expense.

That evening, I attended the Ford Salute to Education sponsored by the area Ford and Lincoln-Mercury Dealers.  Long-time friends and community devotees, Marcel and Evelyn Mendoza were recognized for over twenty years of service to Boy Scouts.  They have worked tirelessly in Troop 358 of St. Stephen's and presently are assisting their 100th Eagle Scout!

Wednesday: I attended a packed meeting of the East Central Citizen's Forum where our new County Judge Nelson Wolff spoke about his view of the County.

Thursday: I attended an evening meeting of a number of citizens being affected by a San Antonio Water System (SAWS) plan to route a sizeable water pipeline through Southeast Bexar County.  General Eugene Habiger, General Manager of SAWS was in attendance to speak to the citizens about the plan.

I later attended another evening meeting in a packed St. Hedwig City Hall.  Roads business seems to be a buzz in St. Hedwig, Bexar County's second largest land-area city!

Friday: I met with County Judge Nelson Wolff and Leilah Powell, Special Assistant to the Mayor to view the present condition of the entry and peripheral area of Willow Springs Golf Course to see what can be done to enhance the appearance.

In the evening, I met with the Bueche Family members assembled at the Bueche Family Cemetery just off Crestway.  This cemetery has been there since 1862 and is similar to probably around 50 other such small cemeteries in Bexar County.  The Bueche Family sold around 150 acres to founder, Murray Winn to form at least part of present-day Windcrest. 

Saturday: I attended a very inspiring Martin Luther King Middle School PTA breakfast organized by Dr. Joyce Mc Cullen.  The new principal, Mr. John Simpson and his Vice Principal, Emily Purificato were introduced among others.  Other notables were in attendance and this heretofore-troubled middle school is on track to bigger and better things.  The leadership of the SAISD Superintendent Dr. Ruben D. Olivarez was much in evidence even though he was unable to attend personally.

Well, what an inspired and challenging week!  What a week to remind oneself of why I would seek to serve as your County Commissioner.  I am both challenged and inspired!

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