Your Leadership in Resource Conservation
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
Date Unknown

Will you and I leave this world and this earth just a little bit better off than it was when we were born into it?  That is in my opinion, the question of a lifetime.  And, as County Commissioner I have an especially challenging opportunity to do justice to the goal of respectably answering that question.

Just one of the many issues that confronts this community is that of leadership in a meaningful way on issues that really count for us all.  Of the many that have drawn upon every personal resource I have is the issue of natural resource conservation.  Specifically it seems we have a duty to not waste our precious resources, especially since we are the richest if not the most blessed country on earth.  And as a result, the whole world is indeed, watching!

It is unsettling if not down right disturbing to see the way we discard so much in the way of resources that should be reused.  Maybe this sense stems from being told as young person about the starving children in, just name the country.  Maybe this stems from fighting each and every one of the not-so-desirable activities that seem to settle in our part of the larger community. 

If you are thinking by now that this brings us to the perennial landfill-fight question regularly confronting our community, you are dead right.  From a strategic standpoint, "we have met the enemy and the enemy is us".  All of us generate "waste" and the good news is that 80% of it is recyclable.  So why are we recycling at a 25% to 35% rate instead of recycling at a more respectable rate closer to 80%? 

One of the frequently recurrent questions is "Are you recycling?"  We may occasionally hear someone excuse themselves by telling us that there are no markets for the recyclables and that therefore recycling is unprofitable.  I believe we have a great deal of room for improvement in finding markets and making it profitable. 

Therefore, I am organizing a collaborative effort to seriously learn about and implement what other less land-rich governments do when necessity becomes the mother of invention.  Working with community leaders for recycling, we seek to organize a "South Texas Recycling Markets Leadership Roundtable".  The goal is to commit us to finding the best marketing practices worldwide and implement them here in the San Antonio and Bexar County region.  Fewer expensive landfills and more land to rely upon for a higher caliber tax base would also be a goal.  Ambiance or quality of life in our community is of course, another absolutely desirable goal for which we should shoot.

The Roundtable is to involve a number of local units of government and their respective elected leadership, captains of local industry, inventors, neighborhood leadership, the clergy and the education leadership of our community. 

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