The Strength Behind Commissioner, Precinct Four
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
July 27, 2001

There is no doubt that the face of the Commissioner in Precinct Four is that of Tommy Adkisson.  But having said that, the real strength any officeholder brings to the never-ending task of being a good public official is a great staff: a team!  I am very proud of what I have worked hard to present to the good citizens of our Precinct, personally.  But I am equally proud of the staff that answers the phone calls when I am unable, attends meetings when I cannot and that runs the office with my confidence.  They make the necessary connections for our neighbors to not just County agencies that affect the lives of our residents, but to federal, state and other local agencies that impact us all.

Mario Llano is my Chief of Staff.  He is a graduate of St. Gerard High School, Class of 1983, has worked for over 15 years at Brooks Air Force Base, and has attended college here locally.  He has served as my Chief of Staff for 9 years, and over that time has become very knowledgeable about the local government scene.

Monica Martinez, my Executive Assistant,is a graduate from St. Mary┬┤s University, where she earned her B.A. in Political Science. She has lived in the San Antonio area for her whole life, engaging in numerous community building activities.  She is a hard-worker who will always answer the phone with a "good morning".

We as a team are committed to the Air Force Motto: "The difficult we do immediately, the impossible a little longer."  With 71 neighborhood associations in Precinct Four, we are constantly in touch with the leadership and many of the citizens residing in the neighborhoods served by those associations.  Likewise, the residents of 11 cities, 5 independent school districts, two military school districts, two Air Force bases and one Army base.  The list goes on. 

Just a few of the things we have been working on include efforts to save the County money by utilizing efficiency and conservation measures with respect to energy and resource conservation through recycling and reduction of dependency on landfills.  We were instrumental in forming of a first-time-ever in Bexar County Emergency Service District, and are currently planning to lead the reduction of pollution by organizing a Clear the Air Month and encouraging wherever possible, the use of ridesharing and use of VIA.  We have advocated for a full service Texas Workforce Center in Precinct Four, against a glaring absence of such a service in our Precinct.  Of course, these are just some of the major items in addition to the many very important, routine tasks that make a great difference in the lives of our citizens.

So when you call my office to seek help, know that you will be well assisted.   The system at our County and elsewhere responds to hard work which we will always strive to provide even knowing our human limitations. Finally, I trust that over the time of my service, working with you, we will make a huge difference in Precinct Four and beyond.

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