Commute Rewards: A Bargain for County Employees
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
October 1, 2001

Commissioner's Court recently declared October in Bexar County as Commute Rewards Month.  So, in the spirit of Commute Rewards I decided to take the bus myself and investigate the experience.  What a wonderful trip to downtown my Monday morning commute was!  The bus operator was right on time for the pick up and the drop off.  She was courteous.  The price was right!

The goal of the Commute Rewards Program is to save employees money, clean the air we breathe, reduce traffic congestion and limit the increasing demand for more and more County parking facilities.  Even if we Texans insist on one person per car, some of us can now consider alternatives and the bus is just one.  We can also rideshare or carpool. 

County employees participating in Commute Rewards are giving themselves a pay raise with which Commissioners' have little to do.  Those making under $8.25 per hour get the VIA Big Pass free and those making over $8.25 per hour, pay $5.00.  This entitles the holder to unlimited use of VIA for a month.  The Big Pass is normally priced at a low $15.00, soon to be $20.00 per month.

Considering the fact that a bus ride gives us freedom to read, to use the cell phone or just not hassle with driving, the bus is a bargain!  Although the chart included is for County employees, it is a solid beginning for more than just our workers.  And, we will seek to extend this benefit to as many employees as possible around the County, working in concentrated areas such as downtown!

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