Practicing Petro Patriotism
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
December 2001

Not since the Spurs won the World NBA Championship have I seen so many flags on cars going up and down the expressways of our community.  And rightly so: one of the most unimaginable tragedies that a generation of people could witness or experience occurred in New York City!  America must respond and has responded militarily!  What we do on the home front though will determine the strength of our long-term well being. 

Putting aside the very complex foreign affairs questions regarding the Middle East, it cannot be helpful to our country to be so heavily dependent on this or any area of the world for so much of our energy.  The U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2002 tells us "Increasing demand for petroleum is projected to raise the share of demand met by net imports from 53 percent in 2000 to 62 percent in 2020."

If 53 percent or more of the time that you needed a cup of sugar, you asked your neighbor if they had any, don't you think they would get a little tired of you?  Even if you paid them for it.  This is simply not respectable.

You and I can help reduce the costs of and secure our local, state and national government with energy conservation by example.  In addition, your County is actively addressing energy issues by being a part of the National Association of Counties Energy Efficiency Network.  By borrowing from the experience of other counties across the country, we can implement overall energy accounting systems and use proven methods for tracking utility costs. 

In addition, we have formed a local Metro Partnership for Energy with the City of San Antonio, Solar San Antonio and the City Public Service Board (CPS).  Among other things, the Metro Partnership for Energy will work to develop a sustainable energy vision and plan; increase energy efficiency; educate and inform the public and cooperate regionally on energy issues.  All of this will require a change of habits, but this County is more than up to the challenge.

With the right kind of action now and in the future, you and your County can provide the energy necessary to keep the American flame of freedom burning brightly forever.

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