Downtown and Your County
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
April 4, 2002

Shortly after I took my oath of office as your County Commissioner, I noticed that there was a parking lot just south of the employees' parking lot.  I thought that we would likely need this lot in the future.  However before we Commissioners could acquire the parking lot, a very enterprising Fr. David Garcia, Pastor of San Fernando Cathedral purchased it as a part of the Master Plan for San Fernando. 

Recently I received a call from Judge Andy Mireles expressing concern that certain parking lots along the San Antonio River just south of Nueva Street were apparently going to be used for building new hotels and hence, would not long be available to our employees.  Even now, the lot across from the Courthouse at Dwyer and Nueva is $100.00 per month! With so many of our employees losing parking or paying outrageous monthly fees, something needed to be done. 

I have a portion of my webpage at, Commissioners Court, Precinct Four, entitled "Commute Solutions".  Here at this location you will find out how taking VIA or ridesharing or carpooling can save thousands of dollars annually.  But, as you know, most Texans have been as likely to part with their cars as our forefather Texans were about parting with their horses. 

This is what I call a "transformational opportunity".  Changing the way people get to work may not be acceptable even if it saves significant money.  So there is more than one solution.  I have suggested and the Court is considering our Space Needs Study. 

This effort to better utilize our County's space while saving money in the long-term is very wise.  We presently have Justice of the Peace Courts that are rented when we could be purchasing the properties.  Other Courts presently in the Courthouse could hold court at locations in the suburban parts of our communities.  This would save both employees who work there and the residents that will not have to come downtown to do business with the County. 

We have a Fleet Maintenance Facility at the corner of Durango and South Flores.  This is undoubtedly more suited to our hospitality industry than it is to a garage for auto repair.  With the current rent, we could purchase a building, eliminate a rental payment in due time and alleviate the downtown parking dilemma, at least minimally. 

These and a whole host of items will be discussed in the ensuing days as we review the upcoming proposed Budget for Bexar County.  Your thoughts are not only appreciated, but essential to our progress.  So, don't be bashful.  Let me hear from you.

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