Ever Hear of These Names Before?
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
September 10, 2002

Dwyer, Beck, Linn, Trainer, Covington, Abbott and Ploch are all names with which we are at least generally familiar.  Growing up in Precinct Four, I naturally became aware of these names of streets and at least one Bexar County Park in our Precinct.  As an amateur historian, I have had the pleasure of learning of the sources of some of these names and how they came to become the names of some of our parks and roads. 

We have a great Precinct in an equally great County and State with a rich history.  It is important to remember our past with all of its greatness and yes, its challenges as well.  Please read the list below and if you have some information you would like to share with me, please write or e-mail me so I can learn about your insight or information relative to some historical point or person in our community. 

Also, remember to visit your Precinct Four Website at bexar.org.  I am always open to your information and recommendations for consideration as the road to progress is always under construction.

Term & Commissioner

1845: George Kirchner

1846: Edward Dwyer

1847-1848: William Small

1849-1851: J. H. Beck

1852: J. T. James

1854-1857: John A. Chaves

1858-1862: M. L. Merrick

1862-1863: Jacob Linn

1864: Seaman Field

1865: Farkas Ujhazl

1866: Jacob Droitcourt

1867: No name appears

1869: Farkas Ujhazl

1870: Louis Bream

1876: J. W. Leight

1878: Thomas Martin

1880: John C. Beck

1882-1885: Edward P. Braden

1886-1893: Frank Umscheid

1894-1897: John Wilkins, Jr.

1898: John E. Trainer

1900-1903: Gus F. Niggli

1904- 1909: D. M. Poor

1909-1910: Frank J. Bossheardt

1911-1912: W.C. Kroeger

1913-1916: Henry Meyer

1917-1928: John H. Covington

1929-1936: Thomas H. Abbott

1937-1946: R. W. "Rudy" Stappenbeck

1947-1977: A.J. Ploch

1977-1984: Tom Vickers

1985- 1991: Bob Lee

1991-1994: Helen K. Dutmer

1995-1998: Mike Novak

1999 - present: Tommy Adkisson

Information taken from Elton Cude, The Wild and Free Dukedom of Bexar, The Texana/Geneology Department of the San Antonio Public Library, as edited by Monica Martinez, Special Assistant to County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson

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