The Bexar Budget for 2002-2003
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
October 10, 2002

When I first ran for County Commissioner, there was consternation aplenty about the often-made claim of cutting property taxes.  Actually, the Commissioner's Court did cut the tax rate from the existing property tax rate this year to the rate that would bring in just the revenue we received from last year.  But we did gain more revenue from new properties on the rolls.  It is important to note that around 65% of our County's revenue comes from the property tax.  Unlike the City of San Antonio, we have no sales tax and no CPS pass-through revenue.  Our next highest revenue generator besides the property tax is court costs and fines.

Major Considerations

The Adopted Budget includes $625,000 to standardize and upgrade the County desktop software with the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as funds for lease replacements for 1,990 County Computers.

In the past seven years your Commissioner's Court has lowered the property tax rate.  At the same time however, appraisals in Bexar County have risen enough for us to be able to finance essential services while yet lowering the rate.  Hopefully we can avoid the multi-million dollar unfunded mandates from the Texas Legislature next year and manage the budget appropriately in a fiscally sound manner. 

This article is relatively brief, yet this subject bears explanation.  It asks much from the taxpayer and I trust, returns much to the taxpayer.  I look forward to continuing to inform you about your County Government in my next, the twenty-sixth article of this year.

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