Personal Dividends of the Season
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
November 28, 2002

This is a time of year to not only enjoy the recent change of weather, to not only make the events unique to the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but to reflect on reasons to be thankful.  The opportunity to take at least a little quiet time is priceless to me.  I cannot remember who it was that said, "In silence does a person's truth strike root and bind itself together", but I appreciate a little silence to think about life.

Life has been not just good but great to me, despite the many challenges and problems of attempting to address unlimited public demands with finite resources.  Every time I attend a funeral I am reminded of my own mortality and am better off because not only did I pay respect to the deceased and the family of the deceased, I had a chance to think about my own life.  Life is short and I too, will walk down the path to eternity.

Every time I visit a sick person or am sick even for a little while, I am reminded of my own general good health and fortune.  I believe that is why in Exodus, the key to heaven lay in the good works done for those many nameless individuals in life that desperately need someone's help.  Yes, what we do for the least of our brethren is the key!

Though the focus is on what we give to the person who is sick, naked, hungry, thirsty or imprisoned, the reality is the huge personal dividend that awaits all that are givers of virtually any part of our humanity.  The Chinese have a proverb and I like it very much: "The fragrance of the flowers remains upon the hands of those who give them".   Indeed, may the fragrance of the good deeds of your life radiate for all to benefit from and may you have a blessed Thanksgiving this year and for many years to come!

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