University Health System Striving to be the Best!
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
December 19, 2002

Before providing you a summary budgetary report, I want to brag in the finest of Texas traditions on the University Health System (UHS) for just one of the many kinds of important work it does.  In a first-in-Bexar County and one of the very few in Texas health systems, the UHS is developing a medical database that can be accessed through a fingerprint.  For a Level One Trauma Center (the highest level of trauma centers), this is critical since many patients they treat are unconscious or unable to provide a medical history on themselves.  The database is like the one I proposed previously and will include their confidential medical history in these critical life-threatening emergencies or when secured access is otherwise permitted. 

As you know, your Commissioner's Court appoints your seven members of the University Health System Board of Managers must by law, approve their budget and their tax rate.  So in anticipation of this approval by Commissioner's Court, on November 26, 2002, the UHS Board of Managers met and approved the University Health System's 2003 Operating and Capital Budget.  Without going into great detail, the Bexar County citizens received good news.

Underlying the budgetary projections and plan presented are the following key assumptions:

Again, this is a "good news" story for all Bexar County but it will only stay that way if we continue our continuous vigil.  Please stay tuned!

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