2003 Bond Issue for the County
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
January 30, 2003

"A nation without vision will perish."  So says the good book and hence we in public office are elected to lead and yes, provide vision.  That having been said, it is fundamental that the circular process of education takes place relative to the proposed bond issue.  The circular process is of course, the public educating its elected officials and the elected officials in turn, educating the public. 

The last bond issue anyone can remember was for the Justice Center around 1980.  The last one for Bexar County was in 1993 and it was for detention only.  This is the first multi-purpose bond election in Bexar County in memory.  This one should be for at least 125 to 150 million dollars.  However, the precise amount remains to be determined in the public process.

One especially heartening aspect of the Bexar Bond Issue is the fact that we have an excellent credit rating and interest rates are at an all-time low!  Standard and Poors rates Bexar County with a Double A rating, Moody with a Double A rating and Fitch with a Double A Plus rating!  There would be no tax increase unless the people indicate an interest in addressing more seriously than the present commitment such as the issue of flood control.  In that case, the flood control tax administered exclusively by Bexar County, would be increased to address a larger portion than is presently scheduled, of the $500 million plus, in flood projects deemed necessary for the safety of the citizens of our growing County.

Some of the items listed below are indicative of the kinds of priorities that should or could be addressed in the bond issue.  At present for instance, Bexar County pays $1.9 million in rent alone, annually!  This is in my opinion, a waste of tax dollars to keep renting into eternity.  We could purchase, pay for and then only need to provide maintenance on the buildings for a far lesser sum of money annually.

The public process for the consideration of this bond issue will begin shortly.  This is your time to weigh-in and share your opinion and perspective.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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