A Rose by Any Other Name Would Be As Sweet
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
April 3, 2003

Much has been made about the professed pledge of our Texas Legislature now meeting in Austin to cut the budget across the board by ___ % and to not enact so-called "new taxes".  I love to save money in our County wherever possible and have held or cut taxes for each of the last four years.  What the Legislature is not saying to the people of Texas is that the State of Texas and local governments rely principally on two of the most regressive taxes known to man, the sales and property taxes.  By virtue of the actions contemplated by the legislature, these regressive revenue measures will be further escalated at the local levels of government to make up for cuts of essential services by the State. 

If I cut off one of my legs to reduce weight, I still need to walk!  The State of Texas may cut the budget but by virtue of the essential nature of the services being cut, local units of government will be forced to raise taxes to continue these basic services.

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