Public Opinion Baths in Bexar County
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
May 1, 2003

Most of you who know me well know that I love to read.  One of my favorite books is entitled "Lincoln on Leadership" and the quotes in this article are from this book.  In my opinion, true and monumental greatness against all the odds is the legacy of Abraham Lincoln.  "By the time Lincoln took office, seven states had seceded from the Union to form the Confederates States of America."  His predecessor, James Buchanan left Washington proclaiming that he was the "last President of the United States". 

"Rumors persisted that Lincoln's inauguration was to be disrupted, the president killed and the city taken by the Confederates."  What an incredible experience in all of American history.  No wonder that two independent groups of history professors when polled chose Lincoln as the number one President in American history.

Against this backdrop of history, I have admired Lincoln as a  uniquely fine leader.  "He was known for being accessible to the people as often as the responsibilities of his job permitted.  Abraham Lincoln once said, "I tell you, that I call these receptions my public opinion baths---for I have little time to read the papers and gather public opinion that way; and though they may not be pleasant in all particulars, the effect, as a whole, is renovating the invigorating."

One of the things I have taken great pride in is making a serious calendar of events.  Each of these events serves as a public opinion bath for me since the settings are usually informal and people generally tend not to mask their true feelings.  I consider these to be valuable opportunities for the circular education process to occur: constituents educate me and in turn, I have an opportunity to share with them what I know.

At this time, Bexar County seeks a public opinion bath, consisting of both the good and the not so good of your County.  I have found along the "civic circuit" that I travel on, that in general the reputation of the County is good.  But as is said, "The road to progress is always under construction". 

Bexar County will host a follow-up Community Workshop to the two previous ones held in Precinct Four.  Two each, have been held in all four precincts.  This Workshop seeks to find out:

To access further information, see  For information relative to Commissioner's Court, double click Commissioner's Court, then double click Precinct Four.  I hope to see you at the Workshop!

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