A Joint Primary Election is the Question
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
December 11, 2003

The time has come for Commissioner's Court to decide the question of whether we should conduct Democratic and Republican Primaries separately or jointly.  On the one hand each party can feel that the primary is run by them and only them within the guidelines of State law.  On the other hand, each party can establish a "beachhead of cooperation" in the interest of economy.  The price we pay is in the main, foregoing a little pride. 

Among other reasons, your Commissioner's Court voted to have a joint primary based upon the following:

The leadership of this County must meet a solemn responsibility of conducting as good an election as is possible.

The Elections Department under the direction of Cliff  Barofsky has grown in wisdom and experience.  They have successfully introduced electronic voting to Bexar County in small elections.  The bigger elections should only follow suit. 

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