Temporary Justice Named for Precinct Four
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
February 12, 2004

Is it with pleasure that I present to you the nomination by our Bexar County Judge of Mrs. Linda F. Penn to the office of Justice of the Peace, Precinct Four.

A native of San Antonio's East Side, Mrs. Penn has been a local practicing attorney since 1999.  She is a graduate of St. Mary's Law School and has experience litigating in District Courts in the areas of Juvenile, Probate, Mental Health and Criminal Law.  Mrs. Penn will administer the duties of this important office with professionalism and respect for all those she serves." ┬áIn short Mrs. Penn has all the right credentials to make this Commissioners Court proud of her service to the office of Justice of the Peace Precinct Four!

With respect to the future, there will be further developments pertaining to the elected Judge, Albert McKnight.  At that time appropriate action will be taken to ensure that this Court continues to administer justice.  For now, the civil actions, criminal matters, landlord-tenant and truancy matters will be taken up and considered by a very able Temporary Justice.

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