Bexar County to Accelerate the
Shift to Sustainability
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
June 17, 2004

With the need for clean air, and in recognition of the ever-rising cost of energy and its impact on property taxes at the local level, it is critical that we increase the action at the local level to address these issues.

In this regard Bexar County has:

  1. Adopted the first serious Energy Policy for Bexar County
  2. Hired the First Energy Manager Ever for Bexar County
  3. Organized the First Energy Bexar County Council Meeting, a group within county government dedicated to devising and implementing the Energy Policy, which will:
    1. Discuss protocols for energy including:
      1. Usages by office
      2. Usages by building
      3. The promotion of education and energy awareness measures.
    2. Develop awareness of and learn to use appropriate internal tools:
      1. Energy efficiency management system
      2. Energy tracking system
  4. Included renewable energy and conservation measures in our bond projects.
  5. Promoted solar electric vehicle usage.
  6. Incentivize use of renewables and conservation measures through our tax incentives policy.

As we speak, the State's largest solar thermal (hot water) heater at the Bexar County Jail Annex is saving Bexar County taxpayers $55,000.00 annually.  However, this is just the beginning of a process of dramatically reducing our total annual electricity bill!  Stay tuned!

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