St. Philip's College Best Site for Health College
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
November 11, 2004

On February 5, 2005, the Alamo Community College District has a golden opportunity to pass a $450 million bond issue for all of our community.  All campuses appear to be the winners in this proposal.   One enhancement to the package would be to locate the Nursing and Allied Health Campus at St. Philip's College.

The ACCD site selection criteria and considerations appear to be sound:

In nearly ever case, St. Philip's meets or exceeds the criteria or considerations set forth. 

I look forward to supporting this bond issue one way or the other.  But I would be remiss if I did not publicly stand up for this outstanding location.  Thirty percent of St. Philip's curriculum is health-related.  This is a natural.  This site nurtures the foundation community from which much of today's present community was born. 

St. Philip's already is the pride of the community.  It is five minutes from one of the most viable downtowns in America.  It is most easily accessed by the great populace that seeks health education.  And finally, it does not invite its students to travel a great and then struggle with traffic congestion.

St. Philip's is a winner just as the ACCD!  Let's make it happen!

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