Solar Energy at Kelly USA:
One Small Step for Kelly USA, One Giant Step for Bexar County
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
November 18, 2004

In the seemingly humble installation of a solar panel with a battery back-up to light up an entry sign at Kelly USA lays a fundamental building block in the march by this community to long-term energy sustainability.  By deciding to pursue a solar solution, Kelly USA will avoid significant expenses such as trenching, installation of a transformer, overhead power lines and last but not least, a monthly electric bill, forever! 

This is a win-win-win project.  Kelly USA literally saves thousands.  CPS wins by reducing the electric load on the local electric grid.  The citizens in Bexar County win because this is a "zero pollution solution"!

This is hopefully the first of many more applications that will utilized in our community.  This particular installation was made by Kent Farmer, owner of the Power Store located at 930 Broadway.  Kent is using his vast experience as an inventor and former government scientist of over twenty years.

Kelly USA should be congratulated for taking a leadership role, even if it is a small step.  What we see here today is "One small step for Kelly USA, one large step for Bexar County." 

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