Unity of Purpose Will Spell Victory for ACCD
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
February 10, 2005

To all those who opposed the imbalanced ACCD Bond Issue: thank you! To all those who voted for it: we shall all prevail and soon!

Saturday was a watershed in Bexar County political history. Over the past fifty years some of the elected and civic leadership has consented to the disinvestment and inconveniencing of a significant part of our community in the placement of public facilities. I am specifically speaking of the University Health System and the University of Texas at San Antonio as well as the congesting of the host communities in the process. Saturday was in my opinion, the beginning of achieving of a measure of balance in our community.

Now, the test is for the community's leadership to start the process of laying the foundation for all to benefit in the ACCD bond proposal. The basic package appears sound. Some adjustments may be necessary. The location in the central city (empowerment zone) however is fundamental. After all, this issue most drove the result, even if other dynamics such as fiscal concerns over the size or the contents of the proposal were also of concern.

I called the Chairman of the ACCD, Charles Conner on Monday morning to assure him that I look forward to working toward a successful bond issue. I have met with Judge Nelson Wolff, Dr. Roberto Jimenez, Dr. Charlie Orozco, Antioch Baptist Church Pastor E. Thurman Walker and will meet with other leaders and citizens to begin laying the groundwork for getting on with the work of providing for our community college needs. In addition, I was able to obtain a five-signature letter from Commissioner's Court to the ACCD to respect the outcome of the election as it continues its work.

Outside of the location of the health campus, all who opposed this bond issue believe the needs for higher education of the larger community to be self-evident. It is in this light that I look forward to unity and progress for all!

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