Bexar County's Relationship With the Great State of Texas
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
September 18, 2006

Although Bexar County fought eight separate battles to liberate Texas from Spain (3) and Mexico (5), it would seem that the State of Texas has shown little appreciation for the sacrifices this County made for all Texans. On the other hand, perhaps we should have been and should be doing something to receive more reciprocity.

"Before 1949, Texas did not have an effective system of budgeting. The state's financial procedures were widely criticized as haphazard and arbitrary, and state agencies were funded by individual appropriation bills. Budgeting was assigned to the Board of Control, the state's purchasing agent and general housekeeping agency and predecessor to the General Services Commission. The Board of Control had no authority to refuse requisitions, however, or to make periodic adjustments in budgetary expenditures for state agencies.

"The impetus for the creation of the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) was twofold: (1) escalating state government expenditures after the end of World War II; and (2) a recommendation from the State Auditor's Office for the creation of a legislative committee for the continuous review of state spending. The LBB was created in 1949. The legislation required all state agencies to submit their budget requests to The Board for review and recommendations." (emphasis mine)

Bexar County's Recent Historical LBB Representation

If one measures the financial well-being of a community or region by its effective participation in the Legislature, Bexar County has a spotty record. As a student of the Legislature, I learned under the tutelage of former State Representative Bill Finck that being a member of the Legislative Budget Board is one of the most effective ways if not the most effective way to get things done in Austin.

  1. Bill Finck March 1972-January 1973
  2. John TraegerJune 1983-January 1987
  3. Christine Hernandez February 16, 1994-October 4, 1999

That's ten years of representation by Bexar County on arguably one of the most important committees in Austin over the past 38 if not 57.



Lieutenant Governor


Speaker of the House of Representatives

Automatic Members

Chairman, House Committee on Appropriations

Chairman, House Committee on Ways and Means

Chairman, Senate Finance Committee

Appointed Members

Two House members appointed by the Speaker

Three Senate members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor

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