Joe Segovia: Grit, Gumption & Greatness!
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
February 11, 2008

I delivered the following comments at the Rosary for my long-time friend Joe Segovia.

Joe Segovia - fighter, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, coach, volunteer, Healey-Murphy Board Member, St. Gerard High School Board Member, church leader, elected Trustee of the SAISD, proud American, faithful friend.

I always said Joe Segovia could walk through the old crime-ridden Victoria Courts at 3:30 a.m. on a Saturday night and no body would mess with him.

Yet this tough hombre had a heart of gold and showed it wherever he went.

I remember him telling me about a time when he was driving through the Victoria Courts area and noticed a sandlot game going on in which the young boys were getting into a fight. Well of course this called for Joe to stop and see what the matter was. Upon talking to the warring sides, Joe was told that one of the boys who owned the ball and bats had decided to go home and take his ball and bats home with him. They did not want to stop playing but the owner of the ball and bats insisted he did not want to stay!

Joe told the boys to wait. He then went to his trunk and got out a ball and some bats for the boys so that the owner could leave and those that wished to continue playing would be able to continue to play. The fighting stopped and everyone was happy.

There were many times when I met Joe at Healey Murphy for breakfast. There we would often find Sr. Boniface. Many of you knew her. She was really spunky and loved Joe for his dedication to not only getting ahead himself, but for his willingness to share his good fortune and blessings with those attending Healey-Murphy that were less fortunate. He had a special place in his heart for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

Joe was a proud American. When discussing politics, he bristled at the thought that he would be stereotyped in any way whatsoever. He was a very proud American without prefix, suffix or apology.

Joe was my Treasurer. He was somebody I wanted on my side publicly. He brought great honor by his very name. He helped define me as a special candidate and officeholder. And for that, I am deeply indebted.

Let me say something to Bea and her lovely children. Bea: You are as sweet as the day is long and always gracious. Surely you brought out the softer, loving side of Joe. You bore his children and raised a wonderful family with and for him. You stood with him until the end and now the spirit of Joe lives within you forever. Ruben, Roland, Diane and JoAnn: the lessons for successful living taught to you by your father will always be with you.

May Joe's spirit live on in each and every one of us!

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