Advancing Bexar County's Trauma Care
The First in a Series
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
July 24, 2008

For many years now, Bexar County has had the luxury of having three trauma centers: Brook Army Medical Center, University Health System and Wilford Hall.

By comparison, the largest county in Texas, Harris County, has only one. But with the Wilford Hall trauma center set to close within several years, and considering the crowded condition this exacerbates, Bexar County Commissioners Court recently chose to accelerate the construction of a new, larger trauma center.

University Health System, the public hospital district for Bexar County, derives just under 70 percent of its money from patient revenues. About 30 percent comes from property taxes.

The quality of our facilities determines patient revenue. That includes not just new equipment, but an environment conducive to attract good if not great doctors and their patients who appreciate a quality environment.

Also, it has been estimated that due to inflation and lost patient revenue opportunities accruing to not having a more adequate facility, it costs well over $100,000 per day to delay this decision.

Reasons to support University Health System's expansion:

University Health System also has long history of no debt, to which we intend to return after this expansion, perhaps in as quickly as five years. The hospital also achieved Tier VI (second only to the top tier which is seven) in electronic medical records.

Our system is 100 percent electronic in ambulatory as well as inpatient services. This system can transmit x-rays and MRI's, notes and other images anywhere in the world.

University Health System won the award from the Texas Department of Health for being the number one mental health center in the entire state for four years in a row.

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