Advancing the University Health System
The Second of A Series
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
July 31, 2008

In the last article I wrote about advancing trauma care, among other details of the System. Commissioner's Court appoints the UHS seven-member Board. Each Commissioner gets one appointee and the County Judge by agreement kept over the years, gets three appointees. As a Court we also set their tax rate and approve their budget.

Not only has the UHS been debt-free, an anomaly in government, it has had a flat lined tax rate since 1991 through 2007-08 when the UHS rate was lowered! As further evidence of how seriously we take our fiscal stewardship, allow me to set forth just some of the preliminary estimated savings we have achieved here in Bexar County annually.


Our Partner: UTHSC!

On September 5, 2001, Francisco G. Cigarroa, M.D., President of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio spoke at the Health & Life Science Conference And Expo. He went on to brag about his illustrious faculty:

"The Palmaz Stent, invented by one of our own faculty members, Dr. Julio Palmaz, is now used in 2 million stent procedures every year and it is saving millions of lives all around the world.

"Our own Dr. Robert Campbell invented something called the Titanium Rib and now babies who were destined never to breathe properly - and therefore, could not live for more than a few years - are living full, rich lives.

"One of our great cardiologists, Dr. Steve Bailey, is studying ways to help the heart regenerate itself by growing new vessels and new muscles after a heart attack.

"Dr. Peter Fox is known all over the world for his mapping of the human brain. His work shows parts of the brain are working correctly - and which are not - and that leads researchers to the next step: determining how to fix the parts of the brain that don't work properly!

"Dr. John Calhoon is discovering less invasive ways to perform the most complicated surgery through the smallest of incisions. What used to require your entire chest being opened can now be done through an incision the width of your index finger.

"Dr. Mary MacDougall and her team in our dental school are growing new teeth, which will revolutionize dental care.

"Dr. Mauli Agrawal is studying tissue engineering. Scientists have known how to implant something artificial to repair a defective part in the body, but Dr. Agrawal is investigating how your body can grow its own part and repair itself!"

These are professionals we want to retain working for us in state of the art facilities.

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