Electric Vehicles: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson and
Craig Egan, Electric Vehicle Entrepreneur*
June 25, 2009

Paul Revere raced on his horse near Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts yelling "The Red Coats are coming" in order to prevent the colonial citizens from defeat in the American Revolutionary War! Today, I tell you with no less enthusiasm, the electric car is coming so we can secure victory in the economic war!

Let a candid world note what makes the electric vehicle so compelling:

  1. Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids could make the USA energy independent. Eighty percent of Americans drive 40 miles or less per day in their gas powered vehicles. Auto makers are keying off this fact as they manufacture their plug in hybrid vehicles.

    Note that 80% of the electronic vehicle (EV) market to be plug in hybrid and 20% of the EV market is "all-electric". Result: Plug in hybrids alone could someday drive fuel efficiency to 120 miles per gallon; reducing our petroleum use by 2/3 (We currently import roughly 2/3 of our oil from overseas).

  2. EV's cost the consumer much less to operate

    EV's use 2-3 cents a mile in electricity to operate while gas-powered cars at $2.50/ per gallon with 20 miles per gallon cost 12 cents a mile! At $5 per gallon, gas vehicles cost 24 cents a mile!

  3. EV's will not overwhelm our power grid

    10 million Chevy Volts on the road would account for less than 1% of the total projected electricity used in the USA. In addition, EV's typically charge at home, during off-peak energy hours, making them ideal for load balancing with the utility companies.

  4. EV's are perfect companions to solar energy.

    A challenge of solar installations is that with current battery technology it is expensive to "store" electricity if it is not needed. When solar installations are used in combination with electric fleet vehicles, the cars instead of storage batteries can be used to "store" the electricity without any added expense. Eventually smart grids will allow the electric car to not only store the energy, but also transport it and sell it back for a profit to the grid at another location.

  5. Governmental fleets are ideal for electric conversion.
    • Existing Fleet cars ready for retirement can be recycled into all-electric vehicles.
    • The fleet vehicles can use solar charging installations and small carports for charging.
    • Electric cars can be used for emergency power (they are rolling energy storage units).


Texas is the 3rd largest EV state in the USA.

San Antonio presently has 10 running hand-built EV conversions in San Antonio, 4 in progress.

There are over 11,000 hybrids in Texas (3rd largest hybrid state)!

The GM Volt in 2010, the Ford Focus in 2011, Nissan in 2010, the Chinese "BYD" in 2010, the plug-in Prius in 2010 will be here. So, get ready for the revolution. We are about to see an opportunity to capture this huge economic tidal wave!And most importantly, get ready for energy sovereignty in the U.S.!

*Craig Egan, owner of Ace Technologies, attended the General Motors Institute now known as the Kettering Institute, an engineering school, supported by the auto industry.

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