2010 Electoral Thoughts & Work for 2011
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
January 6, 2011

First of all, thank you to the voters of Precinct Four!

As you observed this 2010 cycle, we had a watershed election. The first I witnessed was right after the Sharpstown Scandal in the 1970's. Later I saw the dominant and traditional Democratic officials from the WW II era washed out in the Reagan slide of the early and mid-80's. Later I watched a pronounced swing toward Democratic elected officials at the Courthouse return significant numbers to the Courthouse, mostly judicial offices. So the 2010 election brought back yet another of the recurrent rounds of electoral turnover.

Many of those were defeated were in my opinion not turned out for reasons pertaining so much to what they did or did not do as much as the economy and the significant change coming recently from the federal government in Washington D.C..

So the real story here is not one of just being a Democrat or Republican. Each will experience ups and downs over time. It is about delivering great transactional or everyday service 365 days a year: returning the constant drumbeat of calls, attending endless events and meetings, helping with constituents at the office or in the field, hearing out and studying the various viewpoints on a withering array of issues and taking positions on hard issues once I have determined the correctness of the position.

In addition, I have leveraged heaven and earth to provide great transformational leadership to changing the way business is done on a range of at least six critical issues: energy (for example, solar, efficiency and conservation), health care (diabetes), jail population (re-entry and undue, senseless jail bloat), transportation (mass transit & obvious conventional improvements in our roadways), neighborhood revitalization (citizen participation in their own governance through neighborhood associations) and resource recovery (reducing, reusing and recycling in the City and in the 50-60 unincorporated subdivisions I am privileged to represent)! As many of you know by your awareness or own participation, I have organized a support group or series of initiatives around virtually each of these areas because they affect the guts of Bexar County Government!

Now, with the 2011 Texas Legislative Session nearly upon us and the Legislature in great need to find over $20 billion or more to close out its fiscal shortfall, everything we do statewide or locally is at risk! I hope to partner with the State to find workable solutions to doing business better or differently on a range of fronts. I trust that my being a former member of the Texas House and a long-standing commissioner will help our County during the difficult days that lie ahead of us!

In the meantime, Happy New Year to all of you! And, may God Bless Bexar County, along with our Great State and may he bless the world as much as he has blessed our State and Nation!

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