Commute Solutions Presentation

On September 11, 2001, Monica Martinez (Special Assistant to the Commissioner, Pct. 4) and Dorothy Birch (Natural Resources/Transportation Specialist, Alamo Area Council of Governments) briefed the Court about a transportation initiative for Bexar County Employees.

The Commute Solutions Program is an exciting initiative which will encourage first, employees then others in our community to try carpooling or mass transit. Carpooling and mass transit will save them money, reduce stress, and help protect air quality.

The Commute Solutions Program is a one-month program that promotes alternate forms of transportation. I, along with AACOG, and VIA have come together to provide incentives for those employees who try mass transit or carpool in the month of October.

For more information about Commute Solutions, read about it in my Special Initiatives Page!

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