Newborn Hearing Evaluation Center at Sunshine Cottage

On May 22, 2001, Jean Boier (Audiologist), Cindy Hackett (Parent-Infant Advisor), and Pam Beighley (Program Coordinator for the Newborn Hearing Val. Cr.) came before the court to inform and educate the public to the importance of early identification and intervention of hearing loss.

All newborns are currently screened at birth for hearing loss before leaving the hospital. The NHEC provides diagnostic follow-up testing for babies who have failed the screening, as well as follow up intervention information for those infants who were found to have a hearing loss.

For more information regarding newborn hearing loss and follow up care:

Newborn Hearing Evaluation Center
103 Tuleta Dr., San Antonio, TX. 78212
(210) 824-0632

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