The Bexar County Re-Entry Roundtable

On June 6, 2008, Commissioner Adkisson convened a group of government; non-profit; faith-based; and private citizens for purposes of initiating a dialogue on issues related to the re-entry of offenders from jail and prison back into the local community. These individuals represented the criminal justice; legal, judicial; mental health; substance abuse; health care; employment; education; social services and advocacy professions.

Commissioner Adkisson convened this group – dubbed "the Re-Entry Roundtable" – for one reason: more than 80% of individuals who go to the County Jail have already been there before. This recidivism represents a tremendous public safety issue to say nothing of the cost to the taxpayer. To the extent that offenders who have paid their debt to society can be transitioned into a law-abiding, productive life, then cost to the taxpayer decreases while public safety increases.

The Re-Entry Roundtable is composed of several subcommittees. These subcommittees include:

  1. Employment & Education
  2. Housing & Social Services
  3. Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  4. Restorative Justice
  5. Legislative Issues
  6. Research and Evaluation

This website will be updated periodically as progress is made and information is available. Membership in any of the subcommittees is open to all Bexar County residents. For dates and times of meetings, please contact Monica Martinez, Special Assistant to the Commissioner, at 210.335.2614 or email