Let's Keep Hope Alive!

Crosspoint Speech
January 30, 2009


To Ms. Julie H. Weber, President of the 2008 Board of Directors; Ms. Charlotte Jorgensen, President; Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kevin Downey, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Redemption as Key to a Functional Society

If there's any prayer central to much of our profession of faith, the Lord's Prayer reflects a great deal of it. I always think of the word "as" as its most powerful word. Remember: Don't forgive us more or less but "as" we forgive those who have trespassed against us.

I wish I could tell you that Bexar County's effort to pursue Re-Entry is simply to honor the Lord's Prayer's admonition. It is not that simple. Yes, we want to hear the message of the Lord's Prayer. But very importantly, we want to stop the hemorrhaging of money into our jail with precious little to show for it.

The Current Status of our Jails & Prisons

Think about it:

How We Will Help Cure a Sick Penal System


The following Committees will determine what under these areas we should work on:

  1. Workforce - Education of the Formerly Incarcerated
    • We need to start within the institution;
    • Family members must be included;
  2. Housing & Social Services
    • our community and its neighborhoods have a responsibility for re-integrating our sons and daughters back into our community instead of shirking our duty and dumping it on other communities.
    • Mike Lozito of State Parole has tried for seven years to get a post conviction facility here in Bexar County.
  3. Medical Issues
    • As the major medical provider, Bexar County has a huge vested interest in prevention of disease and in the overall health of our workforce!
  4. Legislative
    • This Session of the Legislature should address the Blue Warrant Bill passed last Session but vetoed by the Governor.
    • HB 530---vehicle for addressing formerly incarcerated persons (Check this out.)
  5. Education

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