Budget & Grant Management
D E P A R T M E N T A L    C O N T A C T S

Seth McCabe

Interim Budget Director

Management and Finance Director

Tanya DeLaCerda (210) 335-0514

Courthouse Security Fund

Criminal District Attorney

Family Protection Fund

Sheriff's Office - Adult Detention Center

Sheriff's Office - Law Enforcement

Sheriff's Office - Support Services

Juan Mendez (210) 335-0542

2003 Bond Referendum

Adult and Juvenile Detention Facilities

ATD & TxDOT Road Projects

Capital Lease

County Buildings Capital Improvement

County Road and Bridge Fund

Debt Service

Flood Control Fund (Cash & Capital)

Road and Bridge Multi-Year Projects

Venue Fund

Roberta Rodriguez (210) 335-2035


Domestic Relations Office Fund

Emergency Operations Center

Facilities and Parks Management

Fire Code Fund

Fire Marshal

Firing Range Fund

Fleet Maintenance Fund

Human Resources

Juvenile - Child Support Probation

Juvenile - Detention

Juvenile - Probation

Management and Finance


Office of the County Manager

Parking Facilities Fund

Public Works - Environmental

Public Works - Storm Water Fund

Patrick Grabiec (210) 335-3963


Child Welfare Board

Community Resources

County Clerk

County Clerk Records Management Fund

County Wide Records Management

District Clerk

District Clerk Records Management Fund

District Clerk Tech Fund

Economic Development

Economic Development - AgriLife

Economic Development Fund

Grants in Aid


Judge and Commissioners

Outside Agencies

Records Management Center Fund

Self-Insured Funds

John Bownds (210) 335-0733

Adult Probation

Central Magistration

Constables - Precincts 1-4

County Auditor

Dispute Resolution Fund


Judicial Services - Pre-Trial

Judicial Services-Appellate Public Defender's Office

Judicial Services-Crime Lab

Judicial Services-Medical Examiners

Justice of the Peace - Precincts 1, 1.3, 2, 3, 4

Justice of the Peace Juvenile Case Manager

Justice of the Peace Security Fund

Justice of the Peace Technology Fund


Greg Gutierrez (210) 335-1012

4th Court of Appeals

Bail Bond Board

Civil District Courts

County Courts at Law

Criminal District Courts

DPS Warrants

Drug Court Fee Fund

Information Technology

Jury Operations

Juvenile District Courts

Law Library Fund

Probate Courts

Tax Assessor - Collector

Technology Improvement Fund

Trial Expense

Martha Garcia-Moore (210) 335-1220

Lawson Financial System