Melissa Barlow Fischer - General Administrative Counsel

Criminal District
Court Administration

Melissa Barlow Fischer
General Administrative Counsel

Ana C. Amici
Chief Staff Attorney

Maria Salazar Salinas
Administrative Supervisor

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Paul Elizondo Tower
101 W. Nueva Suite #301
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 335-2544

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The Texas Legislature has authorized ten Criminal District Courts for Bexar County, which have original jurisdiction over all felony criminal matters. Each of the ten Criminal District Court Judges is elected to a four-year term. The office of Criminal District Courts Administration (CDCA) provides administrative support for these courts, including staff attorneys, visiting judges, statistical reports, and substitution for court personnel when needed. CDCA also provides and schedules Spanish interpreters, exotic language interpreters, and substitute court reporters for all of the District, County, and Probate Courts in Bexar County. Personnel in CDCA also coordinate all capital murder cases, prepare and index pages for court reporters, oversee the felony court appointed attorney system for indigent defendants, oversee the list of eligible court appointed investigators, and hold training/refresher courses for the court clerks. The CDCA schedules defense attorney visits for the Remote Attorney Visitation system, and coordinates the Voucher Recommendation Committee meetings. The legal division of CDCA assists the Judges in legal research and drafting of documents and administrative matters, reviewing appellate court opinions, preparing and submitting jury charges, and preparing post-conviction applications for writs of habeas corpus and proposed writ orders for the Judges. The legal division also works with the judges on the initiation of needed legislation and monitors the legislative sessions for issues of concern to the courts. CDCA provides assistance to citizens needing public information about cases in the Criminal District Courts, and works with other county departments on issues such as jail population and specialty courts. The General Administrative Counsel oversees the CDCA office, prepares and submits the budget for the Criminal District Courts, and provides direct support to the Local Administrative Judge on all issues involving the Criminal District Courts.


The mission of the Bexar County Office of Criminal District Courts Administration is to provide immediate, accurate, and beneficial support to the ten Criminal District Courts, Criminal Law Magistrate Court, Drug Court, Central Magistration Magistrates, Impact Court, and citizens who request assistance.


We envision the Office of Criminal District Courts Administration as leaders in developing and maintaining innovative, state-of-the-art support, and assistance for the criminal district courts and the citizens of Bexar County that they serve. We strive to promote quality communication between our Courts and all other County departments, while insuring that justice is carried out in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Goals and Objectives

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