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The Support Division of the Constable´s Department is a vital part of the Precinct Four community.  The Constable´s Department has effectively utilized the resources of the Support Division to provide a well trained force to assist full-time deputies at no cost to the citizen´s of Bexar County.

Each support deputy applicant must have a high school diploma (GED), successfully completed the basic peace officers course, and passed the state licensing exam.  The applicant process includes a written entrance exam, psychological evaluation, physical examination and a drug screen test.  If accepted, the applicant must post a surety bond and comply with all department requirements.  All applicants will begin work as a civilian dispatcher and continue until he/she proves they are punctual, reliable, and willing to work.

Upon evaluation and approval of an applicant by the Constable, the applicant will be notified that a commission will be awarded.  Once notified the applicant without delay, must purchase all uniforms and equipment required to perform the duties as a deputy.

All Support Deputies are required to work twenty-four (24) hours a month at their assigned duty, along with any monthly meetings and miscellaneous extra assignments.  Each Support Deputy must qualify twice a year at firearms training and maintain all state and department required training.