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The following information is a general guideline for having someone evicted from your premises.  This eviction process pertains to a landlord-tenant relationship.

Step 1:


The first step to regaining possession of your property is to issue a 3-day notice to vacate.  This notice allows the tenant by law, a minimum of three days from the day of service to vacate the premises in which they are holding.  However, if the tenant does not vacate as you have requested, you are required to proceed as the law directs.


Step 2:


A Forcible Entry and Detainer (FE&D) suit may then be filed with the Justice of the Peace in the precinct where the premises are situated.  The court will then issue a citiation directed to the defendant commanding him to appear before the Justice of the Peace at a time being not less than six days, no more than ten days from the date the Constable serves the FE&D citation.  It is suggested that you consult with or retain your attorney before proceeding with the FE&D suit.  However, it is not necessary to consult an attorney or have an attorney present.


Step 3:


In the event the Court renders a judgement in your behalf when you come to court, a Writ of Possession will be issued on the sixth day after you have been to court, if you so request.  This paperwork is given to the Constable´s Department and they will set up a time in which to meet with the property owner at the premises to deliver possession of the premises.  The property owner is required to secure the necessary labor to remove the furniture, etc., from the premises.