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The Constable Department Precinct Four Warrant Division was created to serve all warrants received from the Justice of the Peace Court.  The Justice of the Peace Court issues a warrant of arrest for an individual who fails to comply with a court order to pay a fine or return property. 

A warrant of arrest is then turned over to the Warrant Division of the Constable Department.  Once a warrant is issued by the Justice of the Peace Court, the person may be arrested on the warrant at any time.  The Warrant Division mails a demand letter to the person, requesting that the fine or matter be resolved and informs the person that a warrant of arrest has already been issued.

The Warrant Division then attempts to contact the person at their place of residence and work.  All information available on the person is used by the Warrant Division in order to successfully comply with the warrant.  Once a person has been arrested on a Justice of the Peace warrant, they will be given an opportunity to pay the fine and comply with the warrant or spend time in the Bexar County Jail.

A common misconception is that a warrant will not remain active (on a persons record) after a few years have passed.  This is false.  A warrant will remain active (on a persons record) until that person takes the appropriate actions to resolve the warrant.

The Warrant Division is dedicated to eliminating the backlog of Justice of the Peace warrants.  Anyone may contact the Constable´s Department to clear up an outstanding warrant.