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Blount02H200The Constable´s Department Precinct Four provides a community based law enforcement agency that is committed to the needs of the community.

My name is Robert ‘Mike' Blount and through my sixteen years of service and dedication to the community of Precinct Four, I understand that in this day and age people are looking for honesty and integrity at all levels of our government. The community of Precinct Four has elected me your new Constable as of January 2005. My department has and will continue to be devoted to serving the public.

The mission of our department is to promote safe and responsible  communities by enforcing court orders, supporting early intervention activities and working in compliment with other law enforcement agencies to provide direct public service to all citizens of Precinct Four and Bexar County.

The vision of our department encompasses lowering truancy and high school drop-out rates, reducing neighborhood crime through cooperative efforts with neighborhoods, and maintaining a line of communication and cooperation with the citizens of Bexar County, elected officials, county departments and other law enforcement agencies.