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Bexar County Community Supervision & Corrections
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The mission of the Bexar County CSCD is to promote the safety of the community at all times, and to provide for the protection of society by reducing the incidence of criminal activity of the convicted offender.
  • The mission is to be achieved through the rehabilitation and social reintegration of the offender via community-based sanctions and/or services whenever and wherever possible, and through the professional and cooperative utilization of resources within the community.

  • Our goals are to develop, implement, improve, expand and maintain maximally effective correctional programs and services that address a preventive function or provide for early intervention for at-risk individuals.

  • We shall endeavor to enhance public protection and safety through forums that improve public understanding, communication and interaction through all facets of the Criminal Justice System and their related components and services.

  • We shall take the initiative to build positive relationships through citizen involvement in the planning and evaluation of programs and in the education of the broader community regarding our programs and goals.

  • We shall provide correctional and court-related services that include but are not limited to pre and post-sentencing investigation; supervision and surveillance of offenders; offender evaluations and dispositional recommendations; progress, violation and discharge reports; victim services, i.e., impact statement, community service work and restitution; mediation and/or diversion, whenever appropriate; and civil and criminal intervention in matters dealing with child support, visitation and spousal abuse.

  • It will be our responsibility to the community to dedicate ourselves to our commitment to public service, to pursue excellence in everything we do and to use our personal and professional integrity as the bases of public trust.

  • We shall strive to operate a system that promotes and recognizes excellence in leadership and management at all levels of this correctional organization so as to improve services and earn public confidence and support.
Ultimately, our philosophy shall be to instill and facilitate a positive change in offenders' behaviors by means of counseling, guidance, assistance, surveillance and restraint, to hold offenders accountable for their own actions, to take affirmative steps to intercede and remove promptly from the community those offenders who, by their own conduct, continue to manifest an inability to adhere to the law or prescribed conditions of behavior, or simply care not to follow established rules and remain within the bounds of our community and society.