Press Release


Bexar County District Attorney Susan D. Reed announced today that a search and seizure warrant was executed yesterday at the home of former Bexar County employee Mario Rene Castillo, age 32.

The affidavit in support of the warrant alleges that a woman reported purchasing a laptop off Craigslist from a Hispanic male and finding numerous documents that appeared to be law enforcement reports located in the computer’s memory. She contacted the San Antonio Police Department and they turned the case over to the Bexar County Fire Marshall’s Office (BCFMO) because the information on the computer allegedly pertained to the BCFMO. The affiant investigator determined that the seller’s phone number was registered to Mario Rene Castillo an employee with the Bexar County Purchasing Department with access to electronic equipment owned by Bexar County. Castillo began working for Bexar County in 2008 and moved to the Purchasing Department in November of 2010. His investigation also confirmed that the laptop was still listed as current inventory owned by Bexar County. A search of Craigslist also revealed that the same seller had additional similar items for sale on the social network.

The search of Castillo’s home revealed numerous items owned by Bexar County including computer monitors, furniture, cameras, DVD players, laptops, and smart phones. The volume of allegedly stolen property was such that it took three trucks to haul the seized evidence to the Bexar County Fire Marshall’s office. Castillo resigned his position with the county this morning.

The is an ongoing joint investigation by the Fire Marshall and the District Attorney’s White Collar Crime Division. Formal charges against Castillo have not yet been filed.

For more information contact Susan D. Reed (210) 335-2342.