Press Release


Tonie P.(defendant’s actual legal name), age 54, recently employed as a hairdresser, was sentenced to ten years in prison today in the 226th District Court, for the offense of Securing Execution of a Document by Deception $100K - $200K against an Elderly Person. Beginning in December of 2003 through December of 2009, the Defendant asked the victim, a retired Army chaplain (Colonel) and priest, to loan the Defendant money to expedite the legal process of a multi-million dollar inheritance going to the Defendant as a beneficiary. At the time of the initial request, the victim was in his late-80s. The victim agreed and provided monies to the Defendant and in turn the Defendant would sign agreements, similar to an IOU, to pay back the victim. The supposed inheritance funds were to be used to repay the victim his principal plus interest. However, there was no inheritance. Because of inaccuracies in record keeping and the lack of a paper trail in some instances, it is impossible to prove the full extent of the loss. The State alleged that the loss to the victim was at least $100,000 but it was believed the actual loss was far greater.

Securing Execution of a Document by Deception $100K - $200K Elderly is a first degree felony with a range of punishment between 5 years and 99 years, or life, and up to a $10,000 fine.

For more information contact Trey Banack, Chief of the White Collar Crime Division, at (210) 335-2404.