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The Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center was organized by the Bexar County Commissioners Court with the support of the San Antonio Bar Association to provide mediation services to the people of Bexar County.  In situations where mediation is not the only possible solution, the Center also offers referrals to other organizations which may provide appropriate services.





The Center can assist you if one of the parties lives or operates a business in Bexar County

The Centerīs primary focus is to provide mediation services to individuals living in or businesses operating in Bexar County. The Center offers people involved in civil disputes a way of settling problems without the expense, time and trouble of going to court and without taking the matter into their own hands. 






In an average twelve-month period, the Center processes approximately 6,500 applications and schedules 1,500 cases for mediation.  The Center maintains a 75% settlement rate for all cases mediated.

The Center is funded by monies generated from filing fees assessed on civil court cases designated for the dispute resolution fund.



Resolving conflicts, rebuilding relationships.

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