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Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations

Application of Civil Service Rules and Regulations

Policy Number: 7.6.02

Effective Date: March 16, 2007

Revised: Adopted May 24, 2012
Effective June 8, 2012

The rules and regulations in this Chapter are established pursuant to Chapter 158 of the Texas Local Government Code and apply to all County employees who are designated by state law with civil service status.

While the Civil Service Rules and Regulations do not apply to employees in positions that are not covered by state law or positions specifically excluded by the Commission, these rules may serve as guidelines in developing individual discipline and conduct policies and procedures.

Coverage for Deputy Constables. Deputy Constables are covered under these Rules and Regulations.

Temporary positions. Employees filling temporary positions within the County do not obtain civil service status.

Positions Not Covered By Law

The following employees are not covered under the Civil Service Commission, pursuant to Chapter 158 of the Texas Local Government Code:

The following employees are also not covered by law under the Civil Service Commission.

Positions Excluded by Civil Service

A number of positions have been declared sensitive by Commissioners Court and thereafter excluded from Civil Service coverage by the Commission. Complete listings of these positions will be maintained by the Civil Service Director and are available at Human Resources.