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Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations

Office and Department Policies

Policy Number: 7.6.03

Effective Date: March 16, 2007

The Commission recognizes that offices and departments may need to supplement the Civil Service Rules and Regulations with more specific policies and procedures for each individual office or department. The office or department covered by civil service must prepare and submit the proposed department policies and procedures to the Commission for review and approval to assure that they do not conflict with any established rules or regulations of the Commission. The office or department policies and procedures are effective only after approval by the Commission during open session in accordance with the Texas Open Meeting Act.

After Commission approval, each office or department shall furnish each employee a copy of the appropriate approved policies and procedures. The appropriate approved policies and procedures shall also be provided to each new employee.

The Commission requires that office or department policies and procedures include notice that a violation of the policies and procedures by an employee may be cause for appropriate disciplinary action, and that any disciplinary action taken may be in addition to any penalties prescribed by law.