Driving Safety Course Qualifications

  • You have a valid Texas driver's license or permit;
  • You are not currently taking, nor have you taken a Driving Safety Course to have a ticket dismissed within the one year immediately preceding the date of the alleged offense.
  • You were not charged with speeding more than 24 miles over the posted speed limit.

Driving Safety Course Procedures

  1. On or before your court date, you must request the opportunity to take this course and pay the Court a $10.00 administrative fee plus applicable court cost of $107.00 for a total cost of $117.00 (or $142.00 if violation occurred in a school zone). You will also be required to complete and sign a court prepared Affidavit (sworn statement) {Affidavit Form} (PDF Document), which states you meet the above listed qualifications. The Affidavit must be notarized if it is mailed in.
  2. You must complete a Driving Record Form provided by the court, and mail the form to the Department of Public Safety Office in Austin, Texas along with a $10.00 check or money order, or click here to order your driver record online and print instantly. A copy of your driving record will then be mailed to you. You must file this original driving record with the court. The driving record will provide verification that you have not dismissed a ticket by taking a Driving Safety Course within one (1) year immediately preceding the date of the alleged offense.
  3. Provide Proof of Financial Responsibility to the Court (Please mail in copy of insurance to Court)
  4. Within 90 days of the date you sign the court prepared Affidavit, you must complete a Texas State Certified Driving Safety Course. After completing the course, the certificate of completion will be mailed to you. You must file the Court Copy with the Court (your signature MUST be on the COURT COPY of the certificate).

Information on Deferred Adjudication

On most violations, you may request Deferred Adjudication. If a Deferred Adjudication is granted you will be assessed court costs, plus an administrative fee and told the amount of time your Deferred Adjudication will last (30 to 180 days). Your Deferred Adjudication begins when you pay court cost and administrative fee. The length of your Deferred Adjudication will be determined when you appear in court. You MUST appear on your assigned arraignment date.

In order for your violation to be dismissed by Deferred Adjudication, you must not have any moving violations appear on your driving record during your deferred period. If no violations appear on your driving record during your deferred period, your violation will be dismissed. If a moving violation appears on your driving record during your deferred period, you will be sent a Show Cause letter to appear before the Judge. The Judge may then revoke your Deferred Adjudication and place the violation with our Court on your driving record.

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