Parks & Wildlife Fines

Effective September 1, 2003

Hours of operation and payment methods vary from precinct to precint. Please visit the appropriate website for additional information.

Water Safety Registration Violations and Fines
Violation Fine
No certificate of number onboard $130.00
No/Improper/Invalid/Unauthorized numbers displayed (1) $155.00
No/Expired registration decal (1) $155.00
Manufacturer or Dealer - fail to apply for purchaser within 20 days after sale $155.00
Fails to notify change in ownership/address within reasonable time $155.00
Water Safety Equipment Violations and Fines
Violation Fine
Give permission to operate without required equipment $130.00
No whistle/sound producing device onboard $130.00
No/Unaccessible fire extinguisher $130.00
No/Improper mirror or observer 13 years of age or older $130.00
Lanyard or cut-off switch on private water craft (PWC) not attached to operator (2) $155.00
No/Improper/Unaccessible Personal Floating Device(PFD) $155.00
No/Improper ventilation equipment $155.00
No exhaust water manifold/muffler $155.00
No Personal Floating Device on child under 13 years of age $205.00
Fail to wear Personal Floating Device on Private Water Craft (2) $205.00
No/Improper lights on vessel $255.00
Water Safety Operational Violations and Fines
Violation Fine
Interfere with marker or ramp (2) $130.00
Obstruct passageway (2) $130.00
Violates boater education requirements $130.00
Violates United States Coast Guard inland rules $155.00
Violates local regulations/ordinance $155.00
Operate PWC/vessel in restricted zone (2) $205.00
Hazardous wake or wash (2) $205.00
Circular course around fisherman or swimmer (2) $205.00
Reckless or negligent operation (2) $255.00
Excessive speed (2) $255.00
Violates time/manner of operating PWC, water skis, aquaplane, etc. (2) $255.00
Sport Fishing Violations and Fines
Violation Fine (1)
No/expired fishing licenses/stamp $130.00
Allows to or fish with another's licenses/stamp $130.00
Fish by illegal means/methods $155.00
Oversized cast net $155.00
Fish without landowner consent $155.00
Possess headed/tailed fish $155.00
Violates size/bag limits $205.00
Commercial Fishing Violations and Fines
Violation Fine
Violate potentially harmful fish/eggs transportation law $155.00
Fish truck not properly marked $155.00
No/expired commercial fishing license $205.00
No/expired fish guide license $205.00
No/expired fish boat license $205.00
No retail/wholesale fish dealer license $255.00
No retail/wholesale truck dealer license $255.00
Transport/packaging violation $255.00
Hunting License and Stamp Violations and Fines
Violation Fine (1)
No hunter education certificate $130.00
No wildlife resource document $155.00
Fails to complete harvest log $155.00
No/expired hunting licenses/stamp $155.00
No/expired hunting lease license $155.00
Allows to or hunts with another's license/stamp $205.00
Hunting Violations and Fines
Violation Fine
Improperly/untagged deer or turkey $155.00
Improperly or unplugged shotgun $155.00
No proof of sex deer/turkey $155.00
Exceed daily/possession limits $205.00
Possession of processed carcass before reaching final destination $205.00
Discharge firearm on public road $255.00
Hunt in closed season/small game $255.00
Hunt by illegal means or methods $255.00
Fails to rerieve or keep in edible condition small game $255.00
Hunts or possesses protected species $305.00
Hunt deer/turkey closed season $455.00
Hunt deer/turkey illegal means and methods $455.00

(1) Minimum Fine required by law

(2) Boater Education Course required in addition to fine