Lynne Wilkerson
Chief Probation Officer

Gina Licata Adams
General Counsel

Maricela I. Morales
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Intervention & Education Services

Carlos Zuniga
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Institutions Services

Karl Johnson
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Field & Court Services

Jeannie Von Stultz, Ph.D.
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Mental Health Services

Anne Thomas, Ph.D.
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Clinical Services Institutions

Geno Brabham
Finance & Administrative

Dennis Donelson
Information Unit

The Domestic Relations Office (DRO) is pleased to announce the Shared Parenting Program.

The Shared Parenting Program aids non-custodial parents who seek assistance enforcing a valid court order for visitation with their children and who cannot afford private counseling


Interested parents should contact the Domestic Relations Office to register for an initial assessment and screening.

Sessions are held once a week at various times to accommodate day and evening work schedules.

Program aids indigent non-custodial parents seeking assistance for enforcement of a Bexar County court order regarding visitation with their children. Applicants must have a final Bexar County court order with enforceable visitation and been denied three consecutive visits. Also custodial and children must reside in Bexar County.*

Courtney Abanaka, JD
Staff Attorney
Josefina Lopez-Montalvo
Program Coordinator

*This program is supported with federal funds provided by the Administration for Children and Families Department of Health and Human Services as a part of the Texas Office of the Attorney General Access and Visitation Program