Lynne Wilkerson
Chief Probation Officer

Gina Licata Adams
General Counsel

Maricela I. Morales
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Intervention & Education Services

Carlos Zuniga
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Institutions Services

Karl Johnson
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Field & Court Services

Jeannie Von Stultz, Ph.D.
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Mental Health Services

Anne Thomas, Ph.D.
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Clinical Services Institutions

Geno Brabham
Finance & Administrative

Dennis Donelson
Information Unit

Juvenile Domestic Relations Office

The Domestic Relations   Office  (DRO):

The Domestic Relations Office provides social and mental health services, support and visitation enforcement programs to the Civil District Courts in matters before them pertaining to custody and access in Suits Affecting Parent - Child Relationships.


Parent Coordinator/Parent Facilitator List

Child Custody Evaluator List

Gen Requirements for Evaluators

Guidelines for Comprehensive Child Custody Evaluations

Judges Reference Sheet

Order for Evaluation

Order of Referral to Domestic Relations Office

Supervised Visit/
Neutral Exchange Order

Psychological Providers

Consultation and Referral

Mr. Tony Neugebauer, DRO Director, is available to the individual Civil District Court Judges and at Presiding Court to consult or provide immediate intervention in complex family law matters. Referrals for mental health services related to custody and access issues, such as child custody evaluation, Psychological Evaluations, Parent Coordination, Counseling and Cooperative Parenting Classes, are available upon request.

Supervised Visitation / Neutral Child Exchange

Guardian House   Family Service Association, Inc.-KidShare
1-210-733-3349   1-210-299-4494

Bexar County Shared Parenting Program

Program aids indigent non-custodial parents seeking assistance for enforcement of a County court order regarding visitation with their children. Applicants must have a final Bexar County court order with enforceable visitation and been denied three consecutives visits. Also custodial and children must reside in Bexar County.*

Courtney Abanaka, JD

Josefina Lopez-Montalvo - Program Coordinator

Bexar County Safe Havens Collaborative Program

A collaborative project between Family Violence Prevention Services, San Antonio Kids Exchange, Family Service Association KidShare, Bexar County Domestic Relations Office and San Antonio Police Department pertaining to monitored exchange services. This project involves increased security for safe exchanges and supervised visits, including exchange services at the Prue Road police substation for families exposed to domestic violence.**

Cooperative Parenting Program Services

These services are court-ordered for parents experiencing conflict in co-parenting their children. This includes group cooperative parenting group classes (8 weeks) that are offered on a sliding fee scale.